Week 3: Crochet Cancer Challenge 2019

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Bring it on! Week 3 of the Crochet Cancer Challenge is officially underway. We are crocheting so many hats and inspiring one another, you all are so inspirational.

This post is a recap of week 3 and will be updated daily with the days new pattern. I will also keep the current available patterns posted for an easy reference. You can use this link all week long, a new link will be provided beginning Monday October 21, 2019.

Just a friendly little reminder that when you download a pattern for FREE you are pledging to make a minimum of one hat from that pattern to donate to a local Cancer Center or patient.

challenge pledge

Day 14: Sunflower Cottage Crochet

I am so excited to have another new designer join the challenge this year. I would love to have you follow them on:

Website / Instagram / Facebook

Sunflower Cottage Crochet designed the Samantha’s Hope Beanie just for us. They are giving us through November 16, 2019 to use code “CC2019” for the challenge, you can find the pattern by clicking HERE. The beanie was designed in royal blue to help bring awareness to colon cancer. This hits close to home, please read their full story it is very touching, here are just a few words:

I watched both of my grandparents go through cancer struggles… …and have seen the toll it can take on people. Sara has had an even more up close and personal relationship with it over many years. Here is her story:

Samantha's Hope Beanie

Crochetverse is our Day 15 sponsor

I am so excited to have Crochetverse back again this year. Stephanie does such an amazing job, if you don’t follow her on social media you are missing out. Check out her links below:

Website / Instagram / Facebook Page

Crochetverse is today’s sponsor for the Crochet Cancer Challenge and are offering you all this fun Bee Hopeful Beanie and you can find it HERE. It will be free with your pledge through October 31, 2019. Crochetverse featured gray in her design to help bring awareness to Glioblastoma. Read why this is important to her HERE. But, this isn’t the only hat…. Crochetverse is going all out and offering 4 more designs that were featured in the past years. Grab them all at the end of the blog link HERE.

Ambassador Crochet is Day 16’s Designer

Ambassador Crochet has been so amazing and has sponsored a day in the Crochet Cancer Challenge since it began 6 years ago. Please take a few minutes to go follow her at:

Website / Instagram / Facebook Page / Facebook Group

Ambassador Crochet designed the lovely Keystone Beanie for the challenge. It is available through Oct 20, 2019. Click this link to get more information on the Keystone Hat. Kristine designed her hat in PLUM to show support to the caregivers of those going through Cancer. These workers get overlooked and they must be the strongest and most giving people out there. It is so wonderful to have Ambassador Crochet remind us of that.

Day 17: Stitches in Scraps

Another amazing new designer has joined the team this year, Pia from Stitches in Scraps. I am so excited to be working with her on the Crochet Cancer Challenge. Please take a minute to visit her sites and tell her thanks for joining, you can find her at:

Website / Instagram / Facebook Page / Facebook Group

Stitches & Scraps designed this lovely Pearsons Chemo Cap made in a lavender color to help bring awareness to all types of cancer. This hat design will be available as part of the challenge through October 31, 2019. You can find out more about the pattern and her inspiration for her design by clicking this link.

Salty Pearl Crochet: Day 18

I am so excited to have Kati, the designer for Salty Pearl Crochet join our efforts again this year in the challenge. She does such amazing work, you are going to love her design. Check out how to follow her on the following links:

Website / Instagram / Facebook Page

Salty Pearl Crochet designed the Lemons Chemo Cap in a light blue to bring awareness to prostate cancer. This pattern will be free in exchange for your pledge through Sunday October 20, 2019. To get more information click on this link and read more about why this is so personal to Kati and her “Papa Bud”.

SAlty Pearl Crochet

Day 19: Hooked by Kati

You are going to love today’s design by Hooked by Kati, but before I share her adorable design, take a minute to follow her on social media:

Website / Instagram / Facebook

Now, check out her hat design, Dad’s Plaid Flat Cap! I just love it, such a unique and fun design I know it will be a hit. Check out more details about her pattern and grab it through October 31, 2019 as part of the Crochet Cancer Challenge, just click HERE.

Underground Crafter: Day 20 of the Crochet Cancer Challenge

Underground Crafter has been a contributor of the Crochet Cancer Challenge for multiple years now. I really appreciate her support and would love for you to go visit her pages and tell her thank you.

Website / Instagram / Facebook Page

I am amazed at the generosity of Underground Crafter. The last couple years she has not given 1 pattern but an entire ebook as part of the challenge. This year 6 hat designs are included for FREE in exchange for your PLEDGE. This offer is good through Sunday October 27, 2019, just use this link to get more info.

Still Available, the following designs are still accepting pledges.

Alex Beanie by Snappy Tots

Website / Instagram / Facebook Page / Facebook Group

Find Snappy Tots featured design, the Alex Beanie, on her website by clicking HERE (good through Sunday Oct 20, 2019). The Alex Beanie was designed in white to help bring awareness to Lung Cancer. Here is a short word about the design:

I chose to design this beanie for a young lady, Alex, who recently lost her grandmother to cancer.

Snappy Tots Challenge Hat

The Pinky Promise Hat by Ned & Mimi

Website / Instagram / Facebook Page

Ned & Mimi designed the Pinky Promise Hat crochet pattern that you can find by clicking HERE. This design is available for Free with your Pledge through Sunday October 19, 2019 with code “CC2019”. Sarah then has offered the pattern for the rest of October for only $1 with the same code. You can probably guess that the Pinky Promise Hat was designed for Breast Cancer, read why this hit so close to home for Sarah:

My Pinky Promise hat is dedicated to my good friend Alice who was diagnosed with breast cancer at the unbelievably young age of 35. 

Pinky Promise Cancer Challenge Hat

Emerald Stone Hat by Sweet Potato 3

The Emerald Stone Hat by Sweet Potato 3 will be available through October 31, 2019 for Free with code “CC2019”. Find Sweet Potato 3 by clicking on the following links:

Website / Instagram / Facebook Page / Facebook Group

Find Emerald Stone Hat post and link to pattern by clicking HERE. The Emerald Stone hat is featuring the color for Liver Cancer. Christine’s Uncle passed away 6 years ago from Liver Cancer and this hat is designed in honor of him.

Emerald Stone Crochet Hat Pattern

War of Roses Hat by Leesa’s Knotty Corner

The War of the Roses Hat by Leesa’s Knotty Corner will be available through October 20, 2019 with code “CC2019”. You can find Leesa’s Knotty Corner below:

Facebook Page / Instagram

Find the War of Roses Hat HERE. Leesa is a new designer to the Crochet Cancer Challenge and here is a note from her:

I chose testicular cancer because my son has it.  He has been fighting it since January 2010.  He is back to receiving treatment after being in remission for a couple of years.  So, for me this hits very close to home.  
I also lost a grandpa to lung cancer, a grandpa to brain cancer, a grandma to breast cancer, and an Uncle to bone cancer.  Cancer is all around us, not one of us has not had it personally touch our lives.  Even I have had my own battle with cervical cancer, and later pre-cancerous cells in my uterus, ovaries, and cervix that resulted in a radical hysterectomy…but no other treatment, thankfully.

Leesa Nixon, Leesa’s Knotty Corner
Leesa's knotty corner challenge hat

Check Back Each Day for Updates

We have all of October left for the Crochet Cancer Challenge, check back each day for updates on the hats that are released and designers participating. We would love to see what you make, so please post away on all your social media outlets. Use #CrochetCancerChallenge to help us see how far our challenge is reaching.

Stay up to date on the rest of the month by following the Challenge on Sweet Potato 3’s social media outlets {linked above/at top of post} or by signing up with the newsletter that will be sent out every few days.

Information about the Crochet Cancer Challenge

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