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Our last week of the Crochet Cancer Challenge of 2019 is upon us. This week is your last chance to grab 4 new designs that will be releases and there are a few designs still available through the end of the month.

This post will be updated daily, through the end of the month, with the days new pattern. I will also keep the current available patterns posted for an easy reference. You can use this link all week long, or through the end of the challenge.

Just a friendly little reminder that when you download a pattern for FREE you are PLEDGING to make a minimum of one hat from that pattern to donate to a local Cancer Center or patient.

challenge pledge

Day 28: Poise & Envy

Today we get to have another returned designer, Poise & Envy. I love how unique her designs are and would love to have you check out her sites below:

Website / Instagram / Facebook Page

Poise & Envy has designed the, Radioactive Hat, today for all of you. She made her hat is grey to honor Brain Cancer. This design is available for Free in Exchange for your Pledge, and is available through October 31, 2019, just click this LINK.

Krissy’s Over the Mountain Crochet: Day 29

Today I am excited to have Krissy’s Over the Mountain Crochet, she is a return designer in the challenge and is always so helpful and generous. Please take a minute to visit her social media sites and tell her thank you for being a participant:

Website / Instagram / Facebook Page

Krissy’s Over the Mountain Crochet designed the Single Cable Chemo Hat just for us! She made it in one of my favorite yarns, Lion Brand Mandala, and made use it had the bright yellow in it to show support for Sarcoma, or bone, cancer. You know the drill-get the pattern for Free in exchange for your Pledge. Find out more about the Single Cable Chemo Hat by clicking this Link HERE.

Charisma Caps: Day 30

Today we get to see a super darling design by Charisma Caps. I love collaborating with Shay, her group is really focused on helping cancer patients. Here are a few words from her:

“My mother is a breast cancer survivor and we enjoy crocheting and donating chemo caps to our local cancer treatment centers.”

Shay Scofield, Designer Charisma Caps

Please take a minute to join her group and check out her page: Facebook Page

I love how Charisma Caps turned a simple beanie into an eye catching accessory. Check out how cute the Touch of Lace Beanie is! Grab it for Free in Exchange for your Pledge through the end of the month. Click this LINK to get the pattern, use code “CC2019”, good through October 31, 2019.

Charisma Caps Crochet Chemo Hat Pattern

CPD Designs: Day 30

CPD Designs is back for the 3rd year to sponsor a day in the Cancer Challenge. Here Bobbie Jo Slouch hat is so cute and will make a great chemo cap. Make your PLEDGE and get the hat for FREE with code “CC2019”. Just click this LINK HERE, code is only good through today 10/31/19.

Bobbie Jo Chemo Hat Crochet Pattern


Challenge Checklist

As the challenge progressed through the month, I received many requests for a checklist of the hats that were featured. Today I am offering you all a checklist that includes each day, the designer and the name of their hat. But, that’s not all. There are also some columns for your own tracking, you can fill out what size you made, what yarn you used and where you donated the hat.

Completing a checklist is NOT required. This is just a tool that you can have to keep track of your progress. Click this LINK HERE to download a copy of the checklist today.

Stay up to date on the rest of the month by following the Challenge on Sweet Potato 3’s social media outlets {linked above/at top of post} or by signing up with the newsletter that will be sent out every few days.

Information about the Crochet Cancer Challenge

  • Information explaining what the Crochet Cancer Challenge is, click HERE.
  • What type of hat should I make? What Sizes? Where do I get the patterns? Click HERE.
  • Yarn Recommendations to use for the hats, click HERE.
  • Where should I donate my hats, click HERE.
  • A fun start early project you can add to your hats, click HERE.
  • Challenge others to join and get tags you can print for your hats, click HERE.

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  1. Anna

    Thank you for setting up such a wonderful thing. Thank you for all the wonder pattern designers that donated their wonderful patterns. This is the first year I have seen this and caught it at the last week so I was only able to grab a few of them.
    Having family and very close friends that have both won and lost the battle with cancer I have seen them go through so much and just receiving a crocheted hat makes them so excited. I have made many myself for family and have sent some up with family member’s to the hospital to hand out when they were getting chemo done. It just puts a wonderful smile on their face. My fav ones were when i made a bunch of really soft black ones with cat ears and set them up and oh my gosh the ladies loved them. Its the gift of kindness thank you for all you all do!!

  2. Lizzie

    Thank you so much for inspiring me to continue to pay it forward! This charitable side of my life sometimes gets pushed aside due to the chaos of daily living. The hats are a great way to get back on track! Last year I had just learned how to crochet and ended up donating over 150 to local school children. This year I am up to about 25, I may not use all the patterns, but I will definitely make more than 30 hats. So thank you for reminding me about the struggles others face and the comfort and warm fuzzies we all get through the gift of homemade loveliness ❤️?❤️?

  3. Frann Ramales

    Thank you to all the designers who donated their talents and designs to help us help others.

  4. Laurie Ann Grant

    As a survivor, I am very thankful to all of the incredible designers who not only donated patterns but shared their stories and their talents with us. I take hats to each of my Dr’s appointments. Being a cancer patient, never ends as there are always so many Dr’s appointments and additional tests each year to make sure we are still NED, I am grateful for alk the amazing hats I received made by friends and for all the patterns people have shared so I can make quite an assortment to keep supplying them for others in need.
    Blessings to all. Thank you for sharing and your encouragement to learn new stitches and patterns. ♥️

  5. Amber

    I am still working on hats. I love that you and others do this for us crocheters to help those that are going through a tough time. I have a friend doing this with me and we will be sending them in before the end of the year. These are great and I just can’t say enough good things to everyone who asks me what I’m working on. So big thank you to all designers!!

  6. Linda Roberts

    I am so grateful to be a part of this fantastic number of hats that will be donated to those going through so much. I am still working on the hats, some of them I cannot help but make more than one. They are all so beautiful I want to say a big Thank you to the designers of these hats. My own mother died of Leukemia and my father survived throat cancer. My girlfriend just finished chemo for breast cancer, so this is so close to my heart. God bless you Christine for bringing this challenge to all of us so we could have an opportunity to comfort and love to those going through the struggle right now.

  7. Arlene Zimmerman

    Thank you to all the designers for sharing your pattern with us. It was an honor to see the enjoyment from patients who enjoyed receiving their hats. It was a great challenge and I will do it again next year. I still have a couple more hats to finish, I loved the challenge of some of the patterns and I will have them finished soon. It was great to see all the different patterns and to learn a few new stitches. The staff at the hospital was amazed of the different styles. Even though the challenge is over, I plan on continuing to make hats for the patients.

  8. Beatrice Drader

    Checking in to let you know I crochet 50 hats and donated them to our cancer Center in Saskatoon Saskatchewan. Thanks for all the patterns.

  9. Sandy Theisen

    I am still working on my hats also. So far I have donated 20 to a children’s cancer center in Minnesota. I found the site through a newspaper article. Two teenage girls were gathering personal items for families and cancer patients.

  10. Barbara Teodosio

    I look forward to this challenge each year. It pushes me to learn new stitches, which is always a plus. Last year I just made the hats to donate. This year I made them for specific people in my circle of life who are facing cancer challenges. It made a difference in the prayers that were said while working on the hats. And the delighted recipients more than compensated the time put in with their sincere thanks. I gave one to my supervisor, and this stoic woman got up from her desk and gave me a hug. She was especially excited that it was green, the color for kidney cancer. Thanks for organizing this fantastic program. And thanks also to the 60,220 donations which will help support those affected by cancer. Now, I need to go finish some more hats, because I couldn’t resist the downloads!

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