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Are you searching for the cutest baby blanket crochet pattern? Your search can stop, because you just stumbled upon it! The Sleep Tight Teddy Bear set is all you hoped for with fun textures and the cuteness of cuddly sleeping teddy bears.

Crochet baby blankets are one of the top handmade gifts given to new moms. Blankets are often made to coordinate with the theme of the nursery. All nurseries are set up for a good sleeping environment, therefore the sleepy animals all nestled into bed goes well in any babies room.

Sleep Tight Teddy Bear

The Sleep Tight Set isn’t just the blanket, it also comes with a fun size lovey and coordinating Teddy Bear stuffy. All 3 pieces make a complete gift.

the Sleep Tight Textures and design

The cuteness of the tucked in animals is what really makes this design so darling. But, the rich texture also make this crochet design stand out above the rest. The braided “v” stitch is unique and requires some alternating of the crochet piece to create. There is a video tutorial (see further down in post) to help you master the stitch.

Between the braided “v” is another fun texture that compliments the blankets design. A more simple alternating post stitch creates a beautiful look.

Sleep Tight Teddy Bear Lovey

Make a coordinating snuggly teddy bear.

I know these little sleepy teddy bears on the blanket are too cute. So now you have to add a snuggly friend to go with them. The Sleep Tight Teddy Bear is a perfect size, completed it measures about 13″ tall.

Sleep Tight Teddy Bear

Video Tutorial for Texture Braided V Stitch

To help you out with the beautiful texture that makes this blanket so rich, I created a tutorial:

Where to Find the Sleep Tight Teddy Bear Set Patterns

  • Ravelry Sleep Tight Teddy Bear Set (all 3 designs): click HERE
  • Etsy Sleep Tight Teddy Bear Set (all 3 designs): click HERE

Update: Teddy Bear Colors

Over the years I have had many request for the colors I used for the individual teddy bears, I mostly used yarn from my stash pile. But, I tracked them down and have listed them below. The main colors of the blanket are included in the pattern.

  • 1st Bear: main color “grey” / muzzle “oatmeal” / nose & eyes “black”
  • 2nd Bear: main color “cornmeal” / muzzle “egg shell” / nose “warm brown” / eyes “mocha”
  • 3rd Bear: main color “warm brown” / muzzle “carrot” / nose “egg shell” / eyes “mocha”
  • 4th Bear: main color “oatmeal” / muzzle “buff” / nose & eyes “mocha”
  • 5th Bear: main color “charcoal” / muzzle “grey” / nose “warm brown” / eyes “black” with “warm brown” lashes
Sleep Tight Teddy Bear

New Coordinating Designs

With the popularity of the Sleep Tight Teddy Bear set I decided to expand the set and designed a coordinating pillow. A fun pillow that isn’t just cute but useful. I added a fun pocket that you can put your favorite teddy bear book in or nestle the teddy bear stuffy in.

One of the most common sets to give as a give is a blanket with a coordinating hat. Therefore, I am happy to share with you the Sleep Tight Teddy Bear Hat.

Sleep Tight Teddy Bears or Other Animals…

Do you love the blanket but know the nursery isn’t teddy bears. Well, you can customize the blanket with any other animal appliques. Over the years I have enjoyed seeing so many of these blankets that have been made with other themes.

Darling Animal Appliques

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  1. Michelle

    Where can I get assistance as I’m having a problem understanding a part of pattern

    1. SweetPotato3

      Just send me an email or message on my facebook page 🙂

  2. Penny McGee

    I’ve been sick the last few months and haven’t been online much so some how I missed this adorable blanket. My grandson is due in June so yesterday I finally found and startedd his blanket yesterday. I like the pattern but wasn’t crazy about it. But last night I came across this picture and before I knew it I was crying. I’ve never had a pattern do that to me before so I know without a doubt that this is the one I’m meant to do for my little angel. So as soon as hubby gets home I will be able to purchase the pattern. Thank you so much for the most adorable blanket I have ever seen. You are very talented. Thank you for all you do.

    1. SweetPotato3

      Awe, I am so happy it’s design touched you so much. I hope you love making it. Be sure to share your final pictures with me. I love seeing everyone’s work. Also, be sure to browse through the link in the article to see some samples. I adore looking through them and seeing so many different ways to make the same blanket.

  3. Elizabeth valentin

    I would like this pattern how can i get it

    1. SweetPotato3

      Just click on the links in the blog post. There are links for the full set, or the individual pieces (blanket, lovey, stuffy).

  4. Patsy Dibble

    Is there a way o make it larger.

    1. SweetPotato3

      You can do as many “repeats” of the main blanket section as you want which will widen the blanket, then just continue the pattern until the desired length has been reached 🙂

      1. Deb Nell

        How many stitches would you start off with instead of 100 if I wanted to add 2 more shell -v sections, to make 7 “beds?”

        1. SweetPotato3

          increase by 18 stitches for each extra “section”. So to add 2 extra sections, increase 36 stitches 🙂

          1. Deb Nell

            Thanks so much. I crochet very tightly and I don’t want to use a bigger hook.

  5. susana gallardo

    Gracias muy linda manta, me puedes decir por favor en que vídeo esta como tejer las caritas de los osos?

  6. Maria van der Gevel

    Is there a video on the other stich please

  7. Judi Grinnell

    In this pattern on row 5 the instructions say “skip side of shell”. Not sure what that means. Love this pattern

    1. SweetPotato3

      The side of the shell is the 2nd set of 2hdc 🙂

  8. Betty

    Hi I am having difficulties with row 77 don’t understand where the FPtc is suppose to go… I understand the part with {} but not the ()
    Thank you

    1. SweetPotato3

      Betty, send me an email and I’ll help you out 🙂

  9. Katie

    What are the dimensions of your finished blanket? Trying to decide if I will buy it based on size. Thanks

    1. SweetPotato3

      The blanket is about 30” wide X 40” long.

  10. Sallie

    I purchased the pattern and have been having difficult time on row 7 where you skip the side of the shell and sc in next 3 stitches, my FPTC does not line up correctly, has there been a revision?

    1. SweetPotato3

      Sallie, there hasn’t been a revision but send me an email and I’ll help you out 🙂

  11. Beth

    I just finished mine for a friend having a baby. Thank you for the video tutorials!! Love it and mine turned out really cute.

  12. Valérie

    Hi! I love that cute blanket but it says in the title on Pinterest that it is free. And when I click on the link, we have to pay for the pattern. I suscribed to your page but it still cost money…

    1. SweetPotato3

      Hi Valerie, Unfortunately, I cannot control how people title their pins on Pinterest and I know someone has used the wrong term. I am unable to correct that (basically it is the same for all the wrong links and dead links you find throughout the site). The Sleep Tight Teddy Bear pattern is a premium pattern that includes many photo and video tutorials that took a lot of time to create so there is a cost to purchase the pattern. This supports my small business and I hope you feel it is worth the price to get the patterns. ~Christine

      1. Valérie

        Hi Christine!
        Thanks for the quick answer, now I understand!

        It definitely worth the price and I will certainly buy it a bit later as I already have a few projects ahead of me.

        Good luck with your business!


  13. Jordyn Trafzer

    I cannot figure out how to find the pattern! Please help!

    1. SweetPotato3

      Just click on any of the images or any of the highlighted (in orange) words that say Sleep Tight 🙂

  14. Jennifer

    Am I missing the pattern download somewhere? Where is the free sleep tight teddy bear blanket pattern as advertised? Thank you for your help….

    1. SweetPotato3

      Hi Jennifer,
      I am so happy to see that you like this pattern so much. I feel terrible that you saw the pattern through a misinformed post (my guess is it was on Pinterest). Unfortunately, anyone can post anything they want on Pinterest. Someone has posted that this pattern is free on there. I have had many of these posts removed, but I just cannot get them all removed. This pattern took many hours to design, write up and have tested. Along with the hours it took to make multiple video tutorials to help you along the way, I consider all this and look at this design as a premium pattern. Therefore there is a cost to purchase it. I hope you can see the value in it and consider supporting my small shop by purchasing the Sleep Tight Teddy bear Set.

  15. Judy

    My cousin wants to make this. I have some yarn in the bear colors he needs. I am stingy with my stash and was just wondering if you could tell me about how much yarn is needed for a bear . I like keeping my various leftovers and would prefer to give him those which hell actually use, or part of some bigger leftovers. I realize this is a paid pattern but thought maybe itd be ok to ask you this so he can make it cheaper. Lol. Frugality runs in the family apparently.

    1. SweetPotato3

      Judy, i totally understand being frugal! Honestly, they take a very small amount 10-15 yards is all per bear.

  16. Marja Glas

    Hi, I want to start with the blanket, but don’t know how to maken the shell stitch

    1. SweetPotato3

      Hi Marja, the shell is explained on the first page, under the stitch abbreviations 🙂

  17. Glas Marja

    Thank you very much!

  18. Theresia Berry

    I fell in love with your blanket (sweet potatoel 3. I would like to send you a private email if possible.
    Thank you

  19. Linda Beate Nerhus

    Hi, love the pattern. What is the name of the yarn used in this?

    1. SweetPotato3

      I used Red Heart with Love. The specific colors are in the pattern.

  20. Terri

    I dont understand how to connect the hat band to the hat body HELP

    1. SweetPotato3

      Terri, I am happy to help you out, can you send me an email 🙂

  21. Lois Miller

    I am having trouble with Row 5 (first row with v stitch). I don’t seem to understand the instructions after the v stitch. I watched your video and have completed the v stitch fine, but the next part I don’t understand.

    Do you have more video to show completing the row…the area between the v stitches?

  22. Linda Nowicki

    Hi, I am almost finished with the “Sleep Tight Teddy Bear Blanket, but I am having a problem with the pillow section. Is there a tutorial on how to do this? Your tutorial on the “V” stitch was a great help. How do I find you on Facebook? I will try to send an e-mail to you but I don’t always have luck doing it. Thank you.

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