Dream Catcher Delight – Free Crochet Pattern

My daughter has always had a difficult time getting to sleep at night. We have tried many different routines but when the lights go out, she thinks she will have a bad dream. I was so excited when she came home from school one day and told me one of her friends got a dream catcher and she was sure this would fix her bedtime worries.

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This sparked an idea and I knew I had to make one for her the next day. This was such a fun and easy project that literally took an afternoon. I am excited to share this tutorial with all of you today.

Sweet Potato 3

Dream Catchers Delight Tutorial

For this pattern I used some beautiful cotton yarn by Paint Box, but any scrap yarn will do. Here is a list of materials needed:

Worsted Weight Scrap Yarn (sample was made from Paintbox Cotton):

Colors used in sample: Lipstick Pink (45 yards), Blush Pink (45 yards), Seafoam Blue (8 yards), Dolphin Blue (12 yards), Dusty Rose (8 yards)

Crochet Hook G (4.5 mm)

Embroider Hoop 6” or 15cm

Scissors & Yarn Needle

Dream Catcher Delight Materials

Gauge: gauge checks will be given throughout the pattern.

Begin with color 1 (center of dream catcher)

Ch 4, join in 1st ch to form a loop

R1: Ch 1, 8sc in loop, join in fist sc

R2: Ch 2, in same st as join work dc4tog, ch 4, [in next st dc5tog, ch 4], repeat [] to end, fasten off and weave in ends (8 puffs made)

Gauge check: measures 2” across center

Sweet Potato 3

Using color 2, join in any chain loop of R2

R3: Ch 1, 7sc in each ch loop around, join in 1st sc

Sweet Potato 3

R4: Slst in next 3 sts (you should be in the 4th sc of the 7sc in the loop), ch 12, slst in same st as last slst, [slst in next 7 sts, ch 12, slst in same st as last slst], repeat [] around, slst in next 3 sts (you should be at the beginning slst), fasten off and weave in ends (8 ch spaces made)

Gauge check; measures 3” across not including the chain loops

Sweet Potato 3

Using color 2 (same as last section), join in any chain loop from R4

R5: Ch 1, 10sc in chain loop, ch 2, [10sc in next ch loop, ch 2], repeat [] around, join in top of 1st sc

Gauge check: measures 5” across

Sweet Potato 3

R6: Slst in next 3 sts, [ch 2, skip next 2 sts, slst in next st, ch 6, skip next 8 sts, slst in next st], repeat [] around, join in slst before first ch 2 sp, fasten off and weave in ends

Gauge check: measures just under 6” across (this must be just under 6”, if it is more than 6” then your hoop will be too small, the crochet piece needs to stretch slightly to look nice)

Sweet Potato 3

Using color 1

Join into any ch 2 sp but also join around embroidery hoop, in the next round you will be crocheting around the embroidery hoop and in the ch sps from R6

R7: [4sc in ch 2 sp, 12sc in ch 6 sp], repeat [] around,

Note: this row is a bit awkward to crochet, I found it easiest to hold the hoop perpendicular to my body and kind of crochet sideways, but however you can do it, will work.

Sweet Potato 3

Almost Done!

Optional: if you feel like the edge (top of sc around hoop) are not clean and even this row will help,  turn work and slst in top of each sc from R7, fasten off and weave in ends

Sweet Potato 3

Add the Fringe

Cut 10 strands of yarn in 5 different colors. Each strand was approximately 28” long.

Sweet Potato 3

Fold each strand in half and join at the fold, attach around the yarn wraps around the hoop.

Sweet Potato 3

Once all fringe has been attached, comb straight and trim to a “v”.

Sweet Potato 3

Make 2 Flowers

For the first flower I used Blue yarn and followed this beautiful pattern called the May Rose, link HERE. Take note that this pattern is in UK terms so remember the stitches in US terms are different, the difference is referenced in the pattern.

For the second flower I used pink yarn and followed the same May Rose pattern but only began with a beginning chain of 20. I then worked 3 large petals, 3 medium petals and 3 small petals. 

Dream Catcher Delight Tutorial

Make 3 Leaves

Ch 6, sl st in 2nd ch from hk. Sc in next ch, hdc in next ch, dc in next ch, 4 dc in next ch, rotate and work along bottom of foundation ch, 4dc in first ch (same ch as last dc made in), dc in next ch, hdc in next ch, sc in next ch, sl st in next, fasten off.

Sweet Potato 3

Make Swirled Tassel

Ch 40, sc in 5th ch from hook (the skipped ch 4 will create a loop, this loop  will be where you attach the tassel later in the pattern), 2sc in each ch to end, fasten off.

To add tassel at end cut 16 pieces of yarn about 10” long, pull yarn pieces through chain 4 loop at end of tassel and fold in half

Using a contrasting color of yarn, wrap around tassel just below fold. I wrapped around about 4 times and securely tie tight, trim ends of tassel even.

Optional: add a charm and/or beads to tassel

Dream Catcher Tutorial


Attach blue flower on left side of dream catcher, where the fringe begins.

Sew pink flower just below blue flower.

Sew one leaf to the right of the pink flower, follow the same angle as the hoop,  

Sew another leaf about ¾” above the blue flower also following the same angle as the hoop.

Sew last leaf under the petals of the blue flower. Angle it straight up covering the base of the last leaf sewn on.

Attach tassel to the dreamcatcher on about 1” from the fringe edge on the right side.

Tip: If the fringe on the dream catcher is not straight it may help to steam it while it is hanging.

Sweet Potato 3

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The Perfect Spring Cowl made with Mandala Yarn

Introducing a beautiful, lightweight cowl that is perfect for the changing weather! The Corner Cable Drape Cowl is ideal for spring weather. It’s look is enhances by the beautiful color changes of Lion Brand Mandala yarn that perfectly accentuates the cables the outline the cowl.
Sweet Potato 3The cowl is made as one flat piece and then sewn together as you finish your project. Due to the colors naturally changing in the Mandala yarn you get two different colorful looks to your cowl just by rotating the front and back.

Corner Cowl

You can get your copy of the pattern today on Ravelry, HERE.

Pattern Details:

The Corner Cable Drape Cowl is made as One Size Fits Most.

Made with a light weight (#3) yarn, I highly recommend, Lion Brand Mandala yarn.

Crochet Hook H (5 mm)

Other helpful tools: yarn needle, scissors, measuring tape

More Crochet Fun

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Free Love Bug Crochet Hat Pattern

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With Valentine’s Day right around the corner I wanted to take a minute and share my Free Love Bug Crochet Hat Pattern with all of you.

Love Bug Crochet Hat

This adorable hat comes in sizes from newborn, 3-6 month, 6-12 month, 12-24 month and child. The cute antennas add a cute whimsical look to the hat. Or, you can opt to omit the antennas for a still adorable hat (maybe even a loving bear hat).

Crochet Hat Pattern

Grab this fun crochet Love Bug Hat pattern for FREE from Sweet Potato 3: here.

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2018 Blanket Crochet Along with SP3

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I LOVE hosting Crochet Alongs. This year I asked in my Crochet and Conversation group (if you are not a part of this group, you are missing out, come join us) what they wanted me to design for this years Crochet Along. The answer was overwhelming… “BLANKET”! So, my initial thoughts went straight to cute baby blankets but when I inquired further, you all wanted a blanket for Adults! Well, this really stumped me for a LONG time-LOL! You challenged me, forced me to be creative and I am so glad you did.

Sweet Potato 3 CAL Blanket

This years crochet along was designed just for you!

It has some features that I know you will love. For starters, it comes in 3 sizes:

Sweet Potato 3 Crochet Along

When you are done with the main blanket, you are DONE!!! Yes, you heard me right, there is no border (I know happy dancing here too).

Sweet Potato 3 Crochet Along

You have no idea how difficult it is to make a blanket for a CAL, you need to have pieces and sections to make it fun. Take out the parts I know you all dread and this is what I was shooting for: there will be NO Sewing pieces together and NO Color Changing. The construction is a little different, you will not be crocheting the typical bottom up. You get to start working a side and crochet to the other side. Something different and I think you will love it!

Sweet Potato 3 CAL

Now, sometimes when you make a blanket the project can drag on for what seems like “forever”. This is why I tend to make mostly baby blankets. But, I decided to design a pattern that will work up pretty quick! How does this happen? Well, simply work 2 strands of worsted weight yarn together at the same time and your project is done in half the time. You may also choose to just use a bulky or super bulky  yarn, but I LOVE how the 2 strands turned out!

CAL Sweet Potato 3

This technique of 2 stranded crochet results in the most plush, warm and comfy blanket that you simply cannot wait to wrap up in.

Sweet Potato 3 Crochet Along

Now for the fun part. This CAL will run mostly through the month of February and finish up in March. Our first day will actually begin on January 31st though, so don’t miss that! This will give you about 1 and a 1/2 weeks to purchase and receive all your supplies (listed in the ravelry listing). Once the CAL is purchased, you will receive an email to join the facebook group that was created just for this event. There will be live tutorials to show you each step of the CAL.

Join the Blanket Crochet Along today for the best discount.

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January 26-30 – 25% off (only $3.75)

After January 31 – $5.00

I hope to see you in the Crochet Along group. It really is so much fun to get to know everyone and see your amazing creations.


7th Day of Christmas – Hygge Cozy

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Sweet Potato 3

In true Christmas fashion, many of us are running around remembering those last minute gifts that slipped our mind. You know, the fabulous teachers that spend all day inspiring our children, the piano teacher that sparks creativity, the coaches that teach hard work, the neighbors that always offer a smile and an extra hand when you need it. The list could go on and on.

The Hygge Wine and Coffee Cozy is ready just in time!

Sweet Potato 3

As the 7th Day of Christmas is upon us, I am ready to release a fun and quick pattern that is suitable for nearly everyone! The intricate stitches are actually so easy to do you will love it! Whip one up in your favorite holiday colors, favorite sports team colors or any combination you can think of.

Grab the Hygge Wine & Coffee Cozy on:

Raverly: HERE

Use code “7Swans” and get it for only $1.00 through December 25, 2017.

Why Hygge?

I love working with colors that can come to life in a pattern. As I worked up the wine and coffee cozy I fell in love with the look of the stitches. It reminded me of the beautiful Norwegian designs. Can you see the resemblance? I adore the windows in the building, it is such a quaint and perfect setting.


image from: The Unforgetable

And here is a great excerpt from “The Untranslatable” on what “Hygge” is:

There’s no direct English translation for hygge, but the word evokes both coziness and togetherness. “It’s not just cozy with a blanket and a glass of wine,” Kurtz tells Quartz. “It’s also interpersonally cozy—so having a few people with you talking about issues and things you care deeply about. Having some candles lit, maybe a nice warm drink in your hand. Feeling safe and content.”

And there you have it! The unique Nordic Norwegian Hygge Wine & Coffee Cozy!

Sweet Potato 3  Sweet Potato 3

But, that is not all!

I want to offer all of you 50% off my entire Ravelry shop, no code needed, through December 25, 2017.

Merry Christmas to you and your family this holiday Season! ~Christine



Slalom Slope Beanie Crochet Pattern

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I love to release new patterns and this one tops the cake! The Slalom Slopes Beanie is a beautiful hat design with so much texture that you are sure to love it. I designs this hat for a dear friend of mine, who’s daughter was just diagnosed with Breast Cancer, at age 18. I was really trying to make a hat that was stylish for the young, warm, and full of texture.

Sweet Potato 3

The Slalom Slope Beanie crochet pattern was made in sizes: Toddler, Child, Youth/Ladies and Adult/Men. Add a cute pom for that added spark of character to its look or make it in a messy bun style (instructions included in the pattern).

Sweet Potato 3

Grab the Slalom Slope Beanie:

on Ravelry, HERE

or on Etsy, HERE.

The beautiful twisting cables reminds me of that first run on the ski hill in the morning. The joy the first run of the morning brings is so amazing. I hope this hat will warm your heart just like that first run warms your spirit!

Want a Discount?

For a LIMITED time, get the Slalom  Slopes Beanie for 50% off, on Ravelry only, through Tuesday December 12, 2017. You must use code “SLALOM” at checkout. 

Sweet Potato 3

If you enjoy seeing sneak peaks, receiving great discounts, being inspired by others crochet projects, want to share you crochet projects and progress, please come and join my Crochet and Conversation Group on facebook. I hope to see you in there!

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