2017 Cancer Challenge Hat Designs

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This is a wonderful day that I look forward to every year. The first day of the annual Cancer Challenge! A day, I get to personally honor my Uncle Jeff. But also, everyone who has been diagnosed with, who is fight for their life, who has survived or has sadly lost their fight. This is for all of you!

Sweet Potato 3 Cancer Challenge

Cancer Challenge Hat by Sweet Potato 3

Today, Sweet Potato 3, is sponsoring a hat for the Cancer Challenge. This Floral Embrace Slouch hat pattern is avialable for FREE to anyone who is willing to pledge to make at least one hat, from this pattern, to donate to a cancer patient, cancer center, or cancer survivor.

Cancer Challenge

The Floral Embrace Slouch hat pattern comes in adult sizes of small, medium, large/Xlarge. The design can also be made as a traditional beanie, one with a little slouch or a full slouchy hat. All measurements are included in the pattern. The hat works up quick and my sample is made in a soft cotton yarn from Knit Picks.

Cancer Challenge 2017

To receive this pattern for free you must enter code “2017CancerChallenge”. This pattern will be available for free through October 31, 2017. I am asking that your pledges for this Cancer Challenge be completed and donated by the end of the year, December 31, 2017.

Need More Information

For all the details on the 2017 Cancer Challenge, just click here. You can learn more about why this challenge was started, what yarn to use, where to donate and so much more.

Sweet Potato 3 Cancer Challenge

The rest of the 2017 Cancer Challenge Hat Designs

Cancer Challenge

Vintage Black Dahlia

Krissy Wonder’s

Cancer Challenge

The Emily Hat

KMT Creations

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Free Rock the Block Blanket Pattern & Tutorial

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I love learning new stitches with fun textures! When those stitches work up quick it is an added bonus. I know I am not the only one. Earlier this year I released a section of a CAL and everyone kept talking about how much they LOVE the stitch. I immediately knew I had to share the block stitch with everyone.

Rock the Block Blanket

This specific block stitch has so many names that I am just calling it the Rock the Block Blanket. You will also hear it called the grid stitch, boucan stitch, leaping stripes and many more… but essentially, it is one of many different types of block stitch.

Today I am going to share with you how to work up this fun stitch and give you the pattern to work up this fun blanket in any size you want! I will also show you how to get over 6 different looks with this simple stitch pattern. So make sure you stay with me to the end.

Another HUGE advantage of working this block stitch is that the edges of the blanket are left clean. There is NO need to work an edge, WaHOO!!! I can hear you all shouting with JOY right now!

One Block Stitch / 6 Different Looks

Now this is my favorite part. Check out all the different looks you can achieve by working the block stitch. As you see all these versions, just start imagining the colors and patterns you can create as you make your Rock the Block Blanket.

Rock the Block Solid Rock the Block

Rock the Block Rock the Block

Rock the Block Rock the Block

Rock the Block Pattern

What Size?

First you need to decide what size of blanket you would like to make and make a note of the width and length. Here is a good visual for blanket sizes I found online (unfortunately I don’t know who the image belongs to so I cannot give proper credit).

Blanket Size

What Pattern or How many Colors?

Yep, you have to pick one of them. I know it can be difficult but decide if you want to use one color, 2 colors or more. Then decide if you want to make your blanket with a specific pattern (1 row repeats, 2 row repeats, random, etc.), see the images earlier in this post to help you decide or watch this tutorial to see each one is worked.

Begin your Project:

Crochet a foundation row in multiples of 4 sc until the desired width is reached.

R1: Ch 1, sc in next 3 sts, [ch 2, skip next 2 sts, sc in next 2 sts], repeat [] until 5 sts remain, ch 2, skip next 2 sts, sc in next 3 sts, turn

R2: Ch 4 (counts as hdc + ch 2), skip next 3 sts, [dc in next 2 skipped sts from 2 rows prior, ch 2, skip next 2 sts], repeat [] to last st, hdc in last st, turn Note: Dc in this and following rows will be worked around/over the chain sp of the prior row, ch sp will be covered by the dc.

R3: Ch 2 (counts as a hdc), dc in next 2 skipped sts from 2 rows prior, [ch 2, skip next 2 sts, dc in next 2 skipped sts from 2 rows prior], repeat [] to last st, hdc in 2nd ch of beg ch, turn

Repeat R2 & R3 until desired length is reached

Final Row: Ch 1, sc in next 3 sts, [dc in next 2 skipped sts from 2 rows prior, sc in next 2 sts of current row], repeat [] to last st, sc in last st, fasten off and weave in all ends

Rock the Block

I hope you love crocheting the Rock the Block Blanket as much as I did. In case you wanted to know how I worked the sample blanket up, below are my specific notes. I made this blanket as a stash buster, using up some of the yarn in my closet. I used Red Heart Super Saver yarn the a Crochet Hook I.

Begin with C1 (Light Grey) Complete R1-R15

Switch to C2 (Aruba) Complete R16-R32

Switch to C3 (Turqua) Complete R33-R35

Switch to C4 (Orchid) Complete R36-R38

Switch to C5 (Aran) Complete R39-R49

Switch to C4 (Orchid) Complete R50-R52

Switch to C6 (Amethyst) Complete R53-R65

Switch to C3 (Turqua) Complete R66-R68

Switch to C4 (Orchid) Complete R69-R73

Switch to C1 (Light Grey) Complete R74-R90

Switch to C3 (Turqua) Complete R91-R93

Switch to C2 (Aruba) Complete R94-R108

Switch to C4 (Orchid) Complete R109-R111

Switch to C3 (Turqua) Complete R112-R114

Switch to C5 (Aran) Complete R115-R128

Switch to C6 (Amethyst) Complete R129-R139

Switch to C1 (Light Grey) Complete R140-R156 + Final Row

And that sums it all up! If you give this pattern a try, please share your final project on Sweet Potato 3’s facebook page so everyone can see how beautiful it really is.



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Free Frog Crochet Hat Pattern with Cookie Monster Instructions too!

Animal hats are a fun way to show off someones personality, interests and is also an easy way to dress up for Halloween. I originally designed the frog hat pattern for newborn photos, a popular request years ago. To make my design stand out and feature something different I added frog feet to the ear flaps!

Frog Hat

The hat is a classic beanie that covers the ears. The pattern now includes sizes from newborn up to Children! Add a simple flower to the side to give it a more feminine touch.

Frog Crochet Hat

Frog Hat Material List

  • Crochet Hook Size J (6 mm)
  • Crochet Hook Size K (6.5 mm)
  • Optional for flower – Crochet Hook Size H (5 mm)
  • Worsted (#4) weight yarn – approximately 60-180 yards depending on the size of hat you are making
  • Yarn Needle, Scissors & Measuring Tape

Stitches & Abbreviations Used in Pattern

  • Hdc = half double crochet
  • Sc = single crochet
  • Ch = chain
  • Slst = slip stitch
  • Hdc2tog = half double crochet next two stitches together, decrease
  • Join = join with a slst
  • St(s) = Stitch(es)
  • R = Round/Row

Check Your Gauge

When the completed size of your finished crochet project is important (very important in anything you wear), you must check gauge. This will ensure that your final piece will be the appropriate sizing. Change or adjust your hook to obtain the proper gauge: if your swatch is too small go UP a hook size, if you swatch is too large go DOWN a hook size.

For the frog hat use crochet hook K and work up a swatch of half double crochets to check: 9 rows with 12 hdc = 4 inches square.

Hat Sizing

Newborn (12 ¼ ” around & 5” high – fits up to 14” circumference)
3 to 6 Months (14” around & 5 ½ “ high – fits up to 15″ or 16″ circumference)
6 to 12 Months (16″ around & 6” high – fits up to 18″ circumference)
12 to 24 Months (17″ around & 6 ½ “ high – fits up to 19″ circumference)
Child (18” around & 7 ½ “ high – fits up to 20″ circumference)

Frog Hat Pattern

Follow the instructions for my Basic Hat with Ear Flap Option, then come back to this post for your final round of hat. The final round is where you will add the cute frog feet!

Frog Hat Final Round

  • You will now complete the final round of the hat, please read all instructions for this section before you begin.
  • With hook K Ch 1, sc in each stitch down side of earflap, around hat, up earflap to the tip.
  • Once you reach the center stitch on the tip of the earflap you will make the ties with feet.
  • Switch to hook J, ch 31, work 2hdc in 3rd ch from hook, Ch 2, turn
  • 1hdc in first st, 2hdc in next st, 2hdc in top of beginning ch, turn
  • *Ch 5, work 3hdc in 2nd ch from hook, slst in remaining 3ch, now insert hook into beginning stitch (that your ch 5 started from), bring up a loop, insert hook into next st, bring up a loop, yarn over and bring through all loops (sc2tog made)* repeat 3 more times eliminating the sc2tog after last one.
  • We will now work our way back up the tie, work 3 slst along the foot to bring you to the bottom of the tie
  • Switch back to hook K, 1 sc in next 5 chains, hdc in remaining chains
  • Continue your sc down the other side of the earflap, around hat, back up other earflap, repeating tie & foot pattern at earflap tip.
  • Join in the 1st sc made in your final round, fasten off and weave in all ends

Frog Eyes – make 2

  • With Hook J & Black yarn
  • R1: Ch 3, 7 hdc in 3rd ch from hook, join (8)
  • R2: Switch to White yarn, ch 2, hdc in same st as joining, 2 hdc in each st around, join (16) fasten off
  • With green yarn follow the same instructions as above through Row 2 but do NOT fasten off. At the end of Row 2, place the white eye piece on top of the green color piece (they should line up and be the same size), you will now stitch them together as you complete the final round working all the stitches through both stitches of both eye pieces.
  • Final Round: slst in the first stitch of round 2 (of both eye pieces), ch 2, hdc in the same stitch you just joined in, hdc in next st, (2hdc in next st, 1hdc in next st) repeat around, fasten off leaving enough yarn to sew to hat.

Optional Flower

  • With Hook H
  • R1: Ch 2, 10 sc in 2nd ch from hook, join in top of beg ch (10)
  • R2: Work front loops only, (ch 3, slst in next st) repeat around
  • R3: Work back loops only from R1,(ch 2, dc in same st, 1dc in next st, ch 1, slst into same st as dc, slst into next st) repeat 4 more times, fasten off (5 petals), sew to hat.

If you like the frog hat, you’ll love this twist on it!

Last week, I had a customer contact me about making a Cookie Monster Hat. I sat down to draw up the pattern and soon realized it was nearly identical to my frog hat! Yipee!!! I quickly used the same pattern with just a few minor changes and Ta Da!!

Frog Hat Pattern Cookie Monster
Cookie Monster Frog Hat

Do you see the similarity? How did I do it?

Follow the Child’s size Frog Hat Pattern exactly using blue yarn. Then crochet the eyes solid white and made a simple black round piece (with 7 hdc in the circle) and sewed them onto the eyes off balanced.

For the mouth I worked as follows (remember this is for the child sized hat):

  • Using black yarn and a Crochet Hook I (5.5 mm)
  • Foundation hdc 16 (tutorial for foundation hdc here)
  • R1: Ch 2, hdc2tog, hdc in next 2 sts, 2hdc in next st, hdc in next 5 sts, 2hdc in next st, hdc in next 2 sts, hdc2tog, hdc in last st, turn (17)
  • R2: Ch 3, dc3tog, hdc in next 8 sts, dc3tog, dc in last st, turn (12)
  • R3: Ch 3, dc3tog, hdc in next 5 sts, dc3tog, dc in last st, turn (9)
  • R4: Ch 3, dc3tog, hdc in next 2 sts, dc3tog, dc in last st, turn (6)
  • R5: ch 1, sc across entire row and around entire mouth piece, sew onto front center of hat. Make sure when you reach the top corners of the mouth to embroider a small smile line, secure with a knot and weave in all ends.

For the Cookies I worked as follows:

Cookie in Hand
  • Using medium brown yarn and a Crochet Hook I (5.5 mm)
  • R1: Ch 2, work 7 sc in 2nd ch from hook, join in top of beg sc (7)
  • R2: Ch 2, hdc in first st, 2hdc in each st around, join (14)
  • R3: Ch 1, [2sc in next st, sc in next st], repeat [] around, (21)
  • If this is your first piece, using a darker color yarn (dark brown or black) embroider small lines to represent Chocolate Chips.
  • Repeat R1-R3, lay your first piece on top of your current piece and slst through the sc from R3, working through both circle pieces. This just reinforces the cookies. Make 2 cookies and sew onto the hands (or frog feet).  For the cookie next to the mouth, just make one side and sew onto the corner of the mouth, there is no need to have it stronger so do not make the back side of the cookie.

I hope you found this fun! I love seeing how others have taken a Sweet Potato 3 pattern and customized it in their own unique way. If you have done this, please share it with me, I love to be inspired! Tag me on IG or FB with @SweetPotato3Patterns or join my SP3 Crochet & Conversations group for more interactive fun.

More Free Hat Patterns that would be great for Dress Up or Halloween

  • Frankenstein Hat – click HERE
  • Pumpkin Hat – click HERE
  • Monster Hat – click HERE
  • Candy Corn Hat – click HERE
  • Elf Hat with Curved Tip and Jingle Bell – click HERE
  • Love Bug Hat – click HERE
  • Mustache Cowls – click HERE

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2017 Cancer Challenge with Sweet Potato 3

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October is almost here, you know what that means!
It is Cancer Awareness Month, and the 2017 Cancer Challenge is just around the corner!
This may be a long post, but it should answer most of your questions and  give you more detailed information on how it is organized.

Why are you doing the 2017 Cancer Challenge?

Many / Most of us have been effected by cancer in some way. It is difficult to see someone go through cancer and/or chemotherapy. But with a community standing beside them it makes the battle slightly less daunting.
In honor of my Uncle Jeff, who lost his battle in September of 2014,
I am hosting the 4th annual Cancer Charity Challenge.
Sweet Potato 3 Cancer Challenge

How does the challenge work?

It is pretty simple.
Basically, I am asking all of you to help make hats for cancer patients and cancer survivors.
The hats can be made for someone you know, someone your friends know,
a co-worker, teacher, neighbor, or even a complete stranger.
You can make many hats and donate them to your local cancer center.
If a cancer center is not in your area you can contact me and ship them my way. I will include them with my donation to the Cancer Center of Idaho.

How long does the challenge last?

The challenge will begin October 1.
A featured designer/pattern will be posted each day until October 31, 2017.
You will have until  the end of 2017 to complete your hats and get them donated. This is great timing for donations during the holidays.

What type of hat should I make and what sizes?

You can use any hat pattern you like. People of all ages get cancer, so all sizes are needed. Teen and adult hats are most requested because they tend to fit more people.

Where can I get patterns?

This is the FUN part!!!
Each day throughout the challenge I will be posting a FREE hat pattern.
I have some amazing designers who are graciously offering their patterns for FREE in exchange for your donation. If you download a pattern you are pledging to make a minimum of 1 hat from that pattern for the challenge. If you download the pattern, please take a minute to visit the pattern designers facebook page and tell them thank you for their generosity.

 What type of yarn is recommended?

 The best yarns for chemo patients are soft and breathable yarns. It is also important that the yarn washes well. It is recommended to use cotton blends (however, 100% cotton tends to be less soft) and/or acrylic. Some favorite yarns used in past years, according to recepients, are Caron Simply Soft, Debra Norvelle, Lionbrand Homespun and/or Heartland, Red Heart Soft, Bernat Softee, you are probably getting the idea.
I have heard comments that wool hats can be very itchy and are not preferred.
Remember that it is important to use the correct yarn weight for the pattern you are following.

 What is my goal?

My goal is to simply help others and make it easy for you to do the same.
I started this challenge on a whim 3 years ago when I lost my uncle. Each year the challenge has grown, last year reaching over 35,000 hats pledged. I am astounded with the succes and am hoping to match and beat that number this year. So grab a friend and crochet away!

How do I pledge?

To pledge to make a hat simply download the pattern.
There will be 31 patterns available. If you download all 31 patterns you pledge to make 31 hats.
I am pledging to make 31 hats, one a day, sounds doable. But, if you can only make 1 hat, you are still making a difference, and I thank you for that.

Have Fun and Get More Involved

Make sure to share pictures of your finished hats on Sweet Potato 3’s facebook page. This is not required, but it is fun to see what everyone else is making and see your own pictures shared too. When you share a picture please let me know what pattern it is from, I would love to tag that designer so they can follow the difference they are making with their donation.

Who are you Honoring?

Add a comment to this blog post to let everyone know who you are making hats in honor of.

Challenge Others

Do you know other crafters, crocheters or knitters?
Tag them in one of the facebook posts about the challenge, say “I challenge you to join!”

Get Started Early

The excitement and enthusiasm I see in everyone who has participated in the past is amazing. I have already had a few of you tell me that you already started making hats! Last year someone posted a hat they crocheted that had a beautiful cancer ribbon on it. She graciously shared the link that she used and the bonus is, it’s FREE. Click here to make a ribbon like the one below. These are great to add to your hats.
Below is an image that shows the awareness color for some of the more common cancers.
I hope this post answered all of your questions. If you think of anything I have missed, read more in this link, then just let me know so I can let others know. Enjoy crocheting those hats!

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O’Christmas Tree Skirt & Long John Stocking Pattern Release

Christmas is such an exciting time of year, perhaps one of my favorite holidays. Every year I love trying to find the best tree and go a step up from the year before. I feel like you cannot beat a fresh Christmas tree like the ones found at https://mrgreentrees.com/ – the smell is just the best! Anyway, this year I am going to try something new and put a new tree skirt around the bottom! I am so excited to wrap up the O’Christmas Tree Skirt CAL and offer the pattern in full to everyone! This pattern is being released just in time for you to make one for your tree this year. But it isn’t the only pattern being released {make sure to check out the last part of the blog post for a fun coordinating pattern}.

O'Christmas Tree Skirt

The O’Christmas Tree Skirt is made in Knit Picks Brava worsted weight yarn, it features the mini bean stitch that shows a lovely texture throughout the body of the skirt only to transition with a fun bobble into the beautiful colorwork of cables. The eye appeal will go with most holiday decor, whether it be traditional, whimsical or truely classic. Just switch up your colors for a completely different look and enjoy seeing the pattern come together in full.

O'Christmas Tree Skirt

After designing the O’Christmas Tree Skirt I knew I had to design a fun and unique Christmas Stocking… so, it didn’t take long to come up with the Long John Christmas Stocking.

Long John Stockings Crochet Pattern

Seriously fun!!! Everyone will comment on how darling these are as they are strung by the fire. The Long John Christmas Stockings are made in the same worsted weight yarn and feature the same beautiful texture of the mini bean stitch.

Gift Card Holder Too!

Not only are these seriously cute, but the button flap, dubs as a gift card holder. This adds so much charm to these little britches.

Long John Stockings Crochet Pattern

Where to get these fun Christmas Patterns

Etsy listings for the O’Christmas Tree pattern click HERE / Long John Stocking pattern click HERE

Ravelry listings for the O’Christmas Tree pattern click HERE / Long John Stocking pattern click HERE

LoveCraft listings for the O’Christmas Tree Skirt pattern click HERE / Long John Stocking pattern click HERE

If you like these Christmas patterns you may also like:

Reindeer Hat pattern comes in sizes from newborn up to child, find pattern HERE

Rudy & Ruby the Reindeer Stuffy, find pattern HERE

Christmas Stocking Cocoon & Santa Hat for Newborns, find pattern HERE

Mitten Bunting &/or Advent Calendar with printable, find HERE

Peppermint Twist Christmas Hat, find pattern HERE

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Summer Fun Crochet Pattern Sale

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Announcing: the Summer Fun Sale with Sweet Potato 3 crochet patterns!


As I depart on a fun filled week exploring the history of Washington DC with my family I want to offer all of you a week of crochet fun! Each day for the next week I will announce a Sweet Potato 3 pattern that will be on SALE for only $1.00

Since you follow my blog, you will get a sneak peak of each days pattern. Everyone else will have to wait to see them posted on facebook. But, grab them each day because they will only be on sale for 24 hours.

For each pattern you must use the code “SummerFun” at checkout.

Summer Fun Daily Pattern Sales

Saturday July 15, 2017: Crocodile Tiara / Crown Pattern

Crocodile Tiara Crown

Sunday July 16, 2017: Vintage Bonnet with Scallops Pattern

Vintage Bonnet

Monday July 17, 2017: Diagonal Delights Baby Blanket Pattern

Diagonal Delights Blanket

Tuesday July 18, 2017: Sweet Braids Hat Pattern

Sweet Braids Hat

Wednesday July 19, 2017: Newborn Scallop & Cables Bonnet & Wrap Pattern

Scallop & Cables Newborn Prop

Thursday July 20, 2017: Button up Waves Hooded Cocoon Pattern

Button Up Waves hooded cocoon

Friday July 21, 2017: Cropped Motif Cardigan Pattern

Cropped Motif Cardigan

Saturday July 22, 2017: Interlace Scarf / Wrap Pattern

Interlace Shawl & Wrap

I hope you look forward to the Summer Fun Sale this year, make sure to share these amazing steals with your fellow crochet friends.



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O’ Christmas Tree Skirt Crochet Pattern

Before we know it, the time will be here to set up our Christmas Tree and begin our holiday traditions. For the Tree is one of my favorite parts. Every year we give out kids ornaments that symbolize something important in the last year. We then take turns decorating the tree with the finishing touches being the angel on top and the O’Christmas Tree Skirt.

The O’Christmas Tree skirt was designed to fit my own homes style. A little classy but down home and simple. Made in traditional colors of red and white with some texture, some cables and an elegant touch make this one of my favorite holiday designs yet.

O'Christmas Tree Skirt

Designing the O’Christmas Tree Skirt

My first consideration when designing a tree skirt is that so many cover up the detailed design whether it is by placing gift under the tree or by the tree itself.

My solution was to make the center of the tree skirt pretty basic and make the details really stand out along the edge. I focused on color changes, cables and of course a row that looks like little poms to really add that extra touch of cheer.

O'Christmas Tree Skirt

The tree skirt is designed in sectioned pieces, not as one big crochet piece. Each “pie shape” is made individually. After all the pieces are made they are stitched together with a hook, no need for difficult needle seaming.

The O’Christmas Tree Skirt was originally released in a crochet along format. Some of them turned out amazing, even in the non-traditional colors. Here are a few samples that the participants were so gracious to allow me to share with all of you.

Aren’t these amazing? The above photos show a small sample of the finished tree skirts. The color combinations are endless in this classic design. The best part of this CAL was that it was mystery. No one knew what their tree skirt would turn out to look like and they all did such an amazing job.

Supply List for the Tree Skirt

  • Hook size I (5.5 mm)
  • Worsted Weight Yarn (#4)
  • Sample made in: Knit Picks Brava Worsted (Red & White)
  • Main Color (Red in sample): 1700 yards
  • Contrasting Color (White in sample): 600 yards
  • Measuring Tape
  • Scissors
  • Yarn Needle

Where to get your copy of the O’Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern

More Christmas Patterns You’ll Love

I designed the Long John Christmas Stocking to coordinate with the O’Christmas Tree Skirt pattern. I adore how this hang by their suspenders AND that little flap, well it dubs as a gift card holder.

Long John Stockings Crochet Pattern
  • Long John Stocking Pattern, click HERE
  • Sleepy Reindeer Hat pattern, click HERE
  • Rudy & Ruby the Reindeer pattern, click HERE
  • Christmas Stocking Cocoon & Santa Hat for Newborns, click HERE
  • Mitten Bunting &/or Advent Calendar with printable, click HERE
  • Peppermint Twist Christmas Hat, click HERE

I hope you all love the Sleep Tight Teddy Bear Set as much as I do. If you make one of the pieces please share it with me on facebook so I can give it some love!

Sleep Tight Teddy Bear

Update: Teddy Bear Colors

I’ve received a handful of requests for the exact colors I used on my teddy bears. When I made the teddy bears on the blanket I just used scrap yarn that I happened to have on hand. The majority of it was either Red Heart Super Saver and/or Red Heart with Love. I am not 100% sure on each bears color but I believe it is as follows, numbering the bears from the left to the right:
  • 1st Bear: main color “grey” / muzzle “oatmeal” / nose & eyes “black”
  • 2nd Bear: main color “cornmeal” / muzzle “egg shell” / nose “warm brown” / eyes “mocha”
  • 3rd Bear: main color “warm brown” / muzzle “carrot” / nose “egg shell” / eyes “mocha”
  • 4th Bear: main color “oatmeal” / muzzle “buff” / nose & eyes “mocha”
  • 5th Bear: main color “charcoal” / muzzle “grey” / nose “warm brown” / eyes “black” with “warm brown” lashes

New Coordinating Designs

A couple new designs have been released to go along with the original Sleep Tight Teddy Bear Set. The coordinating Sleep Tight Pocket Pillow features a fun pocket that can be used to store their stuffed teddy bear or a favorite book, as the child grows it can be used to store a kindle or other items as well.
Grab the Sleep Tight Pocket Pillow on Ravelry: HERE
I have also designed a coordination Sleep Tight Teddy Bear Hat. This darling accessory comes in sizes from newborn up through child.
Grab the Sleep Tight Teddy Bear Hat on Ravelry: HERE

Other Animal Options

Although the blanket was designed with Teddy Bears, you are welcome to customize it with other animal appliques. I compiled this fun round up of Darling Animal Appliques, you can check them out by clicking HERE.

Darling Animal Appliques

Other Newborn Blankets you may Love

  • Farm Animal Baby Blanket, you can find HERE
  • Forest Friends Blanket, Pillow and Wall Hanging, you can find HERE
  • Flower Petal Blanket, you can find HERE

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How to Crochet Foundation Stitches: Single, Half Double & Double

Have you heard of Foundation Crochet Stitches? Wondering what all the hype is? Well, today I am going to show you why I love beginning crochet project with Foundation Stitches.

Benefits of Foundation Crochet Stitches

Avoid the Dreaded Beginning Chain: How often do you begin a project (say a blanket) and the first row begins with a crazy amount of chains, like 250? When I see this, my mind immediately goes to the thought of how much I dread working my row of single crochets (or hdc, dc, tc) into each and everyone of those chains.

Quick: Well, for me, working into all those beginning chains is the worst part of a crochet project. It simply takes too long and if not done perfect can effect the final crochet piece. I want a quick solution! When crocheting a project with a Foundation row that beginning row will work up much quicker. It may take some practice, but trust me, it is so much quicker!

Stretch & Flexibility: Back to that beginning chain again (LOL-can you tell I am not a fan), not only does it take forever, but you have to have every chain the exact tension or a loop will stand out like a wine stain on your white rug. You also have to make sure you chain loose enough to avoid the inevitable tight bottom that causes your beautiful blanket to veer or fan out (caused from the beginning chain being too tight).

I need a solution to that beginning chain and the Foundation Crochet Stitches are the answer!

If you found this tutorial useful please share it with others, pin it for quick reference and follow along on my blog (subscribe by email in the right column) so you don’t miss any other quick tips, tutorials and pattern releases! Also, join me on Facebook for lot’s of crochet fun!

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In A Cinch Handbag & Battle Blog Hop

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The In a Cinch Handbag is an extra exciting pattern release. Not only is it an adorable accessory for those spring & summer outings, it is also part of round 13 of The Battle of the Stitches.

Battle of the Stitches is a fun group of designers that work together to come up with a fun stitch that we think will be fun for designs in the season we are in… yay for Spring! Once a stitch is decided on we all go our own ways and design away. About 2 weeks later we come together and do a huge release of all our patterns. If you missed who all the challengers are this round check out the Blog post, here.

My Design: In a Cinch Handbag

The In a Cinch Handbag is a fun and lacy handbag for your quick grab and take items. The bottom of the handbag has tight stitching to help keep everything secure in the bag. It is decorated with a fun diamond pattern made in a contrasting color to grab your attention. The top of the handbag is crocheted with a fun slanting puff stitch (stitch from the battle). The slanting puff stitch creates a beautiful and lacy look that adds that girly touch everyone loves. Isn’t that ruffle on top the cutest?

In a Cinch Handbag

You can grab your copy of the In a Cinch Handbag on Ravelry for 50% off through Sunday, March 26, 2017 (no code needed, just add it to your cart). Or keep reading to find out how you can win a copy. Or to top that, win a copy of all the patterns from all the designers in the Battle of the Stitches round 13!

Now for the Blog Hop – Isn’t this FUN!

If you are seeing this blog hop for the first time, click here to begin at the start. Vote for your favorite design by giving it a “HEART” on Ravelry. Make sure to visit the next blog post by Laura, owner of Laura Mae’s Crochet. From there visit each designer, see their design and have chances to win something fun! You will end up at the main Battle of the Stitches Blog where 5 winners will win a copy of all the patterns in the challenge, and other goodies that you have to follow along to see (so much fun!).

Battle of the Stitches Blog Hop

Win with Sweet Potato 3

And for sticking with me I am going to offer 3 of my wonderful followers up to $20 in patterns from Sweet Potato 3’s Ravelry shop! Enter through the Rafflecopter widget below:

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Do you know someone who want to learn to crochet?

Do you know someone who wants to learn the art of crochet?

What is crochet? Crochet, pronounced [kroh-shey; British kroh-shey, -shee], is a process of creating fabric by interlocking loops of yarn, thread, or strands of other materials using a crochet hook. (definition according to wikipedia.com). 

Crochet is a fiber art that many of us probably saw a beloved great grandma, great aunt, or elder sitting in a chair making their yarn masterpiece. The popularity of crochet seemed to have decreased over the last few decades. However, in recent years the hype behind crochet is rapidly growing. Gaining in popularity even among youth and young adults. This brings us to why I am writing this post.

Meet Your Instructors

We want to help spread our love of crochet with anyone and everyone who wants to learn. I, Christine owner of Sweet Potato 3, have been crocheting for 30+ years. Having learned the art of crochet from my great Grandmother when I was in elementary school, I have loved creating keepsake gifts for those close to me. Over the last 5 years I dove into designing patterns and haven’t looked back.

I have teamed up with Shelley, owner of The Blue Star Boutique. Shelley is a certified teacher of crochet and brings a ton of expertise and knowledge plus a fun personality to the group.

Also, joining me in teaching is Kim, owner of K’s Keepsakes. Kim has been a pattern tester for me for years and does amazing work and is excited about sharing her passion for crochet.

Learn to CrochetWhen Do We Start?

We want you to spread the word and invite anyone who you know that may be interested in learning to crochet. The group will be hosted in a facebook group and is designed as an interactive experience.

We will work on projects that were designed to help you master one set of skills before moving on. Live Session will give you the opportunity to get your questions answered. The official start date is Monday, March 13, 2017. A supply list has been posted, so grab those supplies and come join in on the fun!

Crochet Supply List

You can order these supplies online, or purchase at nearly every craft store, so feel free to get them wherever you wish.


I recommend getting a hook set that will include the most commonly used hook sizes for crocheting most yarn projects. Hook size H (5mm), I (5.5mm), J (6mm) and K (6.5mm) are the most common hooks you will use while crocheting with yarn.

As you shop for hooks, you will find there are many options. Find the one that fits your budget and you’ll be good to go. Hook materials will vary from Aluminum which is what I started crocheting with, there are plastic hooks (I am not a fan of plastic, because I feel like some yarn almost sticks to them), wooden hooks and then you can also opt for fancy handles.

After many years of crocheting I have upgraded and love the Clover Amour Hooks which has a comfort grip handle, but this is not necessary. Also, with hooks you may notice there are two types of hooks: tapered or inline. To see the difference check out the great graphic from planetjune.com. This is a personal preference and will not effect your crochet piece. I prefer the tapered hooks but others love inline. Whatever you learn with you will probably prefer  in the long run.

crochet hook inline vs taper


When picking out yarn, just have fun! Pick colors you are going to love to work with but steer away from really dark colors like black, navy, etc. It is more difficult to see the details of your stitch with dark colored yarn when you are learning.

Pick “worsted” weight yarn, the label will usually have a #4 on the label (see below image from Craftsy.com). For the first project you will need some small amounts of yarn, so if you have scrap yarn laying around you will be good to go.

You can also purchase the small craft supply yarns at Wal-Mart for like $.88 per color. These will work for practicing and the first project. But, I do recommend getting a couples skeins of yarn for project #2 and just to have on hand.

Yarn Labels


Make sure you have a sharp pair of scissors. They need to cut yarn without fraying the ends. A tapestry needle, or yarn needle, is a must. Most craft stores will have plastic ones. I prefer metal because it is easier to use, so I would recommend making that a priority. You may need to look in the sewing section of the craft store instead of the yarn section.

Come Join Us Now!

So if you have been, or you know someone who has been wanting to learn to crochet, now is the time! Join our facebook group now. You won’t regret it!

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2017 Baby Blanket / Lovey CAL from Sweet Potato 3

Join Sweet Potato 3 for the 2017 CAL!

Our mission will be to complete a baby blanket (or lovey) during the month of March. This year I focused on texture and you will love seeing this blanket or lovey come together. Join now to save more, no code needed:

February 24 – 26 only $1
February 27- March 1 only $2
March 2 – 6 only $3
After March 7 full price of $6

The CAL will have two options. There will be a baby blanket or a coordinating lovey. You are welcome to choose whichever one you want. They will both be included in the group and we will work on them together. I hope this will allow those that do not have the time to dedicate to the full blanket project to still participate and enjoy the interactive crochet experience while making a smaller version.


Once you join (by ordering/purchasing), you will receive an invite to join a facebook group within 2 days. The CAL will be hosted in the facebook group and will include live sessions to show you step by step how to crochet the blanket sections. You can go at your own pace but below will be the outline for each sections:

Starting Feb 24 a supply list will be posted
March 1 – Section 1
March 3 – Section 2
March 8 – TBSection 1
March 10- TBSection 2
March 13 – TB Section 3
March 15 – TB Section 4
March 17 – TB Section 5
March 20 – Section 3
March 22 – Section 4
March 24 – Section 5
March 26 – Section 6
March 29 – TB Section 6 (completed)
March 31 – Award for anyone who has a completed project!

If you do not receive an invitation to join the CAL facebook group within 48 hours of purchase, please send me an email (mysweetpotato3@gmail.com), message me through Ravelry or send me a message on my facebook page (www.facebook.com/SweetPotato3).

I look forward to meeting you in the CAL!

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